Nora (Paws on the Run) has been caring for our 2 1/2 year old Golden Doodle, Riley, since he was four months old. Nora is very committed to caring for and training Riley (she has taught him many tricks that are fun to watch). Riley goes for swims and long hikes with his buddies in his pack and comes home a tired, yet very content puppy. He loves Nora. Every time she walks through that gate to pick him up, he greets her with enthusiastic excitement because he knows that he is about to have the best time of his life -- again! We highly recommend Paws on the Run and in fact, would not recommend any other doggie day care. She is the best, bar none! She always goes above and beyond for the dogs she cares for. Her level of commitment is exemplary and we are confident in the knowledge that our pup will be taken care of and safe each and every day. We can't say enough about this company!! -Deborah DiBianco and Rick Malott and Riley

On days when I go out with my pack, I wait by my open window watching for the van full of my friends. I have become better at keeping up on walks and being off-leash with my family after walks with Nora. She knows just how to talk to us, so we are on our best behavior. I come back tired and happy - and sometimes a little dirty. I am a white dog—most of the time so my mom wonders where we've been roaming. We even go in the rain since most of us have raincoats. Nora washes our paws when we get home. -Finn

My dog, Snoopy, and I believe Nora is magical. He loves to join his pack of friends and go for the wonderful excursions led by Nora which he has been doing for few years. -Susan

For the past year and a half I have used Nora's doggie daycare service, as well as overnight stays when out of town. Four days a week Nora picks up my dog, Sienna, and they go on hikes, swims, or whatever is on the agenda that day depending on the weather. After a fun-filled day with other lovely dogs, Nora drops Sienna off. It is so much fun to see how happy and excited she is when she gets home. She is genuinely pooped out. I can honestly say Nora makes my life better because I have so much peace of mind knowing Sienna is cared for and loved. I not only appreciate how Nora cares for Sienna, but also how we communicate consistently if she notices anything out of the ordinary about Sienna, or if our schedules change. Nora does what she says she is going to do and I know I can rely on her expert professional care. -Kathleen Pearson

Nora of Paws on the Run is the most amazing beautiful spirit! Besides giving her my lifeblood of our two dogs, a rescue from Romania, Juliet and a Westie, Rosslyn. I have never had to worry about them. She is conscientious of Rosslyn and Juliet's health by pointing out certain things, such as ~ if they are not feeling well, toenails needed trimming, and knows well about keeping the dogs safely in her care at the forefront which is very important to me. To our family, Nora is kind, compassionate and caring individual who would do anything in the service of animals. She also took very good care of our dogs when we were on vacation. She is beyond fabulous. I found her card at Whole Foods in San Rafael and have never regretted it. She has been with our family for four years. Paws on the Run is an excellent company. -Karen & Walter Kieckhefer

Our dog Puddles is a LUCKY DOG to have Nora in her life! And we are very fortunate to have found such a competent professional. We would highly recommend Nora!!-Melissa A.

Agree with these posts. Nora is terrific with our dog and so easy to work with in coordinating calendars and schedules. She is totally reliable and very conscientious. She walks my dog regularly and he stays with Nora whenever we have to go out of town. He comes home calm and tried. A Happy Dog! I very much appreciate the care and attention she gives him. She goes the extra mile suggesting healthy alternatives for flea and tick treatments, checking him for foxtails after a walk, and, when necessary, washing him off after a particularly muddy romp. She's a rare find. -Melissa W.

Nora is a gem and can't believe there has not been other reviews of her business before. We found her through the recommendation of another dog walker who is highly regarded here at Yelp. Her website was also hard to find via Google search.

Anyway, as dog guardians, we have experienced service providers who provide competent service. But that is all you get. Nora is different. She really goes beyond what is expected, and shows she has a deep love for what she does. Our eight month old puppy comes back happy and tired. Nora has a calming influence over him. We notice that when we walk him now. He no longer pulls but just follow us along. Also, after each walk, Nora makes sure there are no foreign objects stuck in his paws and fur. -Dave E.

I completely agree with Dave the last reviewer! Nora is amazing. Reliable, kind, and extremely loving with our dog Austin. She understands his breed and his unique personality and spent a lot of time evaluating him for compatibility with her different "packs". When she brings our dog home from his adventures, she always checks his paws for foxtails, which is very comforting. She works with our crazy schedule and is always prompt when returning calls. Best of all, she seems to genuinely care for our dog, which is why we trust her completely! 5 stars! -Kelly A.

Nora is so caring of all her "pack." Before she brings them home, she always checks their body for foxtails, etc. Words cannot express how easy she makes our lives when it's caring for our Hogan. -Joanne H.

Nora is great! My dog, Louie, is always very happy to see her, and I can tell he enjoys his time with her and the pack. She is reliable, conscientious, and caring. We're very lucky to be able to leave Louie in such good hands when we go out of town. I highly recommend Nora! - Kristin K.

We have boarded our dog Harley with Nora several times over the past few years as well as employed her dog walking services when our dog walker is unavailable or if we have an event that goes late in SF and cannot get home in time. Nora is great and really goes above and beyond for Harley, our black German Shepard. Nora is reliable, usually available, responsive, and really knows and enjoys being around dogs. Our dog always has a good time while in her care. Highly recommend! -Leah S.

Nora is fantastic with our dog, Ollie. Ollie is sweet, but also super shy and nervous, and Nora makes him feel at ease, which is especially great when we are away. She is super flexible and accommodating. We appreciate that it is important to her that she connects with the animals she cares for. Ollie adores her and is always so excited to see her-- we are super thankful we found her! We highly recommend Paws On the Run!!! -Morgan H.


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