Group Hikes:
$ 32 per walk (actual walk is 1 hr min.)
$ 30 for the second dog.
$ 50 for two walks per day.

Weekend walk:
$45 per walk
$40 for the second dog

$50 per day (5 to 6 hrs, walk included)

Dog Training:
$70 per 1 hour session.
$60 per session for 5 sessions.

$65 per night (24 hrs, walk included)
$60 for the second dog.

Boarding is charged per every 24 hour period.
An additional walk or half-day care charge is added
if your dog remains in my care passed the 24 hrs by 3 hours.
Inside they are free to roam around and sleep where ever they wish.
They normally all prefer being in my room which makes it
easier for me to keep an eye on them during the night if needed.

You and your dog are invited to visit me at my house so you can feel reassured that your dog is cared for in a home environment crate free with a nice fenced garden and play area.