All dogs are like my dogs
My name is Nora and I offer group off/on leash walks in Marin. I received my dog behavior training at Marin Humane Society with Trish King. Although I enjoyed my previous professional life but I prefer the pleasure of being outdoors with a pack of dogs.

I know my pack pretty well since most of them have been with me since 4 months old and make sure that I bring new dogs that are compatible with the pack for every ones safety and well-being.

For dogs being member of a pack, running off leash and playing is one of the few hours they can be themselves: dogs. During this time they are encouraged, directed and corrected to better behavior. Socializing, exercise and play helps to make a happy and healthy dog. Dogs are family. .
I tailor activities to weather and group dynamics. Our adventures provide at least an hour of exercise per day.